International Marketing Committee

The DFK International Marketing Committee (IMC) has two primary objectives: to help brand the name of DFK worldwide, and to identify and share best practices in marketing and business development with all DFK members.

To this end, the IMC develops and maintains marketing campaigns that help distinguish DFK from its competition. It also promotes and encourages an exchange of referrals amongst DFK firms for the purpose of developing new business, and it sponsors marketing workshops at DFK events.

The twelve members of the IMC, who collectively represent all DFK regions, meet monthly and publish a quarterly newsletter. These newsletters update DFK members as to what the IMC is currently doing, and what the committee has accomplished each quarter.

The bottom line of the IMC is to help all members of DFK generate new business, especially business that is conducted across national boundaries.

International Marketing Committee Members

International Marketing Committee Members

DFK International Marketing Experts

The following experts provide advice on marketing issues:
Alan Dordek (United States of America) 847 236 1111
Donald Kreye (United States of America) 952 835 9090
Hugh Faloon (Canada) 613 728 5831
Liz Binet (Australia) 9263 6314
Mª José Moragas (Spain) 93 301 20 22
Paul Panabaker (Canada) 519 673 3141
Ricardo Gonzalez (Mexico) 81 1340 3500
Stephan Nowack (Germany) 89 38172-0