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Conference Spirit set to shine in Chile

The community spirit associated with DFK conferences around the world is set to shine at the annual gathering for Latin America.

The DFK Latin America annual conference is renowned for its sense of spirit, not least due to the close cultural and linguistic links within the group.

And this year, it will be drawing in delegates from Mexico, USA, Canada, Central and South America to further strengthen the special bond between member firms and partners.

Santiago, Chile’s capital and largest city, will offer a dynamic and cosmopolitan backdrop to the conference taking place from Wednesday, November 20 to Friday, November 22.

The city is the industrial and financial centre of Chile and is home to the regional headquarters of many multinational corporations.

Olga Velarde, DFK Latin America regional officer, said: “The main business sessions of the conference will take place over two days with local and international speakers sharing global information.

“We will be looking at several important topics including marketing and business development, particularly how best to maximise DFK membership, as well as anti-tax avoidance rules and investing from the Americas into the United States after US tax reform.”

The conference will be supported by Paul Panabaker, chairman of The Americas, and will be hosted by Chilean member firm Obregon & Associates.

Principal partner Marcelo Obregón said: “For our firm, this meeting is a great challenge, since we must continue to generate professional links with the members of the network and the most important element is to enhance the concept of family that is generated in each meeting of DFK International.

“Our goal is to strengthen the network members, relationships and trust, through our work, both professional and human, and that makes us a different firm to the market. For us it is a pride to be able to receive each member of DFK and their families, to participate in this conference.”

Martin Sharp, executive director of DFK International, is among those who will be travelling to the conference from further afield.

Martin said: “With all of our conferences there is a tremendous sense of spirit and DFK Latin America is a prime example as it is a really close cultural and linguistic group which creates a real shared sense of belonging.

“The conference is a fantastic opportunity for members to increase their professional knowledge and awareness in areas such as international taxation, accounting and assurance, and practice management.

“But the networking opportunities are arguably as important in building relationships and trust which is so important when referring client work.”