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DFK Asia Pacific focuses on 'staying relevant'

The need to embrace fast-paced changes in the accounting industry by being skilled in new technologies was the key message from the DFK Asia Pacific annual conference.

Staying relevant was the theme of the region’s 28th annual conference which was held in the city of Osaka in Japan.

Paul Fiumara, vice president of DFK Asia Pacific, said: “Our industry is changing at a rapid rate due to the increased proliferation of advanced IT, communications and consumer demands and we recognise the significant challenges that this places on our members.

“Given these rapid changes, we believe that one of the biggest challenges our DFK members face is staying relevant in their target market. We addressed this issue by inviting speakers from the accounting technology world to share some strategies and solutions on how DFK firms can be better prepared to meet these challenges and market expectations.”

The conference, hosted by SK Tokyo Audit Corporation and Larkin & Associates, was attended by more than 60 delegates from around the world, including those not only from the Asia Pacific region but also from USA, Canada, Germany, Ireland and the UK.

“The highlight of our conference is always the opportunity for sharing of knowledge and experience through social interactions, whether it's during coffee breaks, organised tours or the gala dinner,” added Paul.

“We believe those who attend the Asia Pacific conferences have a better understanding about the issues and challenges facing members in our region but more importantly, they leave the event having made new connections.

“The key message we hope members took away from the conference is that change is happening in the accounting industry and we need to embrace those changes by being skilled in using new technologies to our advantage to stay relevant.

“We also want our DFK members to have a better understanding and awareness of the challenges of doing business in different countries and jurisdictions in the Asia Pacific region, and to be particularly mindful of the various cultural differences which can sometimes be misinterpreted.”  

DFK Asia Pacific has 48 member firms in 20 countries and as a region, its focus is to strengthen long-term business relationships between members, and to encourage firms to actively participate in the association.

“We believe this is the foundation to enable our members to fully capitalise on cross-border opportunities, to offer better services to their clients and thereby grow and become more profitable,” said Paul.