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DFK International is gearing up to welcome record numbers for its first ever annual conference in Africa.

The conference is being held at the Adams Park Hotel in Marrakech, Morocco, from October 14 to 16, where members will focus on ways to use cross-border services to expand revenue streams.

It is the second year in a row that the DFK Middle East Africa (MEA) Annual Conference will have experienced a record number of attendees, which is this year being hosted by Fouzi Dinari, Managing Partner of member firm Proximo Expertise, after a successful year in Dubai in 2018.

The conference is set to round off a bright period for DFK MEA which welcomed its 20th member from Azerbaijan, as well as celebrating two members who have received meritorious awards for their industry service and the UAE firm being awarded Europe, Middle East and Africa Firm of the Year for 2019.

Arvind Malia, Partner of N R Doshi & Partners, UAE, and Wael Heida, Partner of AHC, Egypt, and Chairman of the MEA region, are the organisers behind this year’s conference and believe this year’s event will highlight the growth of DFK MEA.

Arvind said: “MEA is a young developing region compared to other well-established areas, and to be in a position where we are set to trump last year’s visitor intake – including welcoming members from Indian sub-continent - reflects the wider visibility that we as a region are having further afield in areas such as neighbouring Europe.

“While this conference is predominantly for Middle East and African members, the conference is open to all, and presents a fantastic opportunity for members across the globe to discuss the potential of cross-border services.

“Trading across the globe is more relevant now than ever before for MEA businesses as their respective economies are suffering a down turn, and we are looking forward to hearing how some member firms have expanded their reach under cross-border services which will hopefully inspire others to follow suit.

“Hosting the DFK MEA Annual Conference in Morocco is also a great chance for us to grow DFK’s membership further in Africa in what we are hoping will be a long-term journey of growth for the conference.”

For more information about this year’s DFK MEA Annual Conference visit www.dfk.com/conferences