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DFK MEA Meeting 2012

DFK International, which is ranked amongst the top 10 global accountancy associations with over 300 offices in more than 80 countries worldwide, has just held its Middle East and Africa members’ meeting in Kuwait City.

The meeting, hosted by local firm Al-Dar International, also involved partners from DFK member firms in Egypt (AHC), Lebanon (FMO) and the United Arab Emirates (N.R. Doshi). Partners reviewed a new common audit tool for use in the region and considered the strategy for developing DFK in the region. Among the issues discussed was the need to identify quality accounting firms in Iraq, Qatar and Bahrain to assist clients of members seeking services in those countries.

Martin Sharp, from DFK International, said the search for suitable members in those three areas has already begun. He said: “We discussed wider economic issues in the region as well as our hopes of recruiting members in Iraq, Qatar and Bahrain.
“We look for like-minded companies with compatible skills to our existing members and we see these three territories as important areas in which to strengthen our presence.”

DFK International met at the Palms Hotel, in Kuwait City.