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The DFK ANZ Cyber-crime tour – are you on board?

A cyber-crime danger tour across Australia and New Zealand gets underway next month – and DFK ANZ firms are all on board.

DFK ANZ is hosting a series of breakfast events with leading UK online investigations and data intelligence expert, Dr Stephen Hill.

The practical seminars will cover how people can protect themselves, their family and their business when using the web, and will examine the damage hackers can do, and what you should never do from your computer!

The sessions will also examine the use of internet search techniques for due diligence, staff screening within the world of social media, and insolvency asset tracing.

Dr Hill has travelled the world to advise organisations on the risks and opportunities of the hyper-connected world we live in today, and will be known to many of the DFK family following a session he led at the DFK Annual Conference in Hanoi, Vietnam last year.

The strong impact the session had on delegates has led to Dr Hill being booked for seven exclusive events being held by DFK ANZ between April 27 and May 5.

The events include:

Stephen Bushell, Chairman of DFK ANZ and Managing Partner of Gooding Partners, said: “We were really impressed with the session Stephen held in Hanoi and we asked if he would come over to Australia and New Zealand to do a tour to share his insight with our members.

“He jumped at the chance and we’re delighted to have been able to organise this series of events for our members and their clients.

“All 16 DFK ANZ firms are participating and have committed to sending people along to one of the events, which shows just how seriously the dangers of cyber-crime are taken by everyone.

“Stephen comes with a lot of credentials, he’s worked with a number of big corporates in the UK, as well as government agencies and he’s an extremely good presenter and we’re looking forward to him being with us.”

The tour will start in Western Australia, before taking in the East Coast and concluding in New Zealand.

Dr Hill, who runs his own company, Hill Bingham Ltd, said: “Cyber-crime and data security is a fast-changing landscape and we all have a responsibility to keep up-to-date with developments in the cyber-world and react accordingly as criminals are changing their tactics all the time.

“I’m really looking forward to working with DFK ANZ on this tour. All the sessions will be practical and hands on and will cover issues we all need to be aware of when using the web – be it in the workplace or at home.

“We’ll also be covering online tools to assist in the retrieval of information – and also knowing where to look.”